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The architect Marta Silvia Mia Pasquini graduated in 2000 at the Polytechnic of Milan and since the beginning was interested in designing in architecture, in industrial design and city planning.

Since 2000 to 2015 Marta Pasquini has been working with the Study of architecture Scacchetti, supporting directly the Architect Scacchetti in managing a team of architects, designers, engineers and landscapers.
In 2015 she decided to open its own study having gained a significant experience in both new developments and restructuring.
The philosophy has remained unchanged: the approach to the project is driven by multidisciplinary through the involvement of the proper competencies for any specific fields
The project portfolio, which has been built over many years with the Architect Scacchetti, is composed of private and public clients, on public and private buildings, hotels, urban areas, including the designing of new districts, ranging from the feasibility study, to preliminary and then final projects, to executive plans and security package and acting as global coordinator of all the activities
To the traditional architectural activity, it has been developed industrial and interior design as well

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